Our Story

Say Cheers Limited is a Ghanaian Company established in 2001 to import quality wines and spirits for distribution and retailing. It is a dedicated Wine and Spirit Merchant renowned for its superior service in the Hospitality/beverage Market. The Say Cheers Outlets, fall under Say Cheers Limited and JADNAB Enterprises. The Company is basically into wholesaling and retailing wines and spirits from both local and foreign suppliers.

Say Cheers is owned by an astute Feminine Entrepreneur, who has been in the wine industry for about 20 years. With a humble beginning in a small location in Dzorwulu in 2001. She travelled to wineries around the world to have in-depth knowledge in what she desired to go into. She is a philanthropist.

Our Mission

To provide quality wines and liquors that are distinctive to our unique brand standard, well appealing to our clients.


To be the preferred total sales Partner and representative for selected quality wines and spirit Producers in Ghana and abroad.


Quality, Cleanliness, Accessibility, Honesty, Transparency And Optimum Customer Satisfaction

Say Cheers

Why Choose Us

100% Authentic

We have an assured and sorted list for all your favorite drinks.

Varieties of Wines

We stock a huge variety of wines both alcoholic and nonalcoholic.

Wine choice advice

If you are confused on what to get for your event, we will help.The next drop of wine
that touches your lips is as good as our service.


Say Cheers

Say Cheers foundation (SCF) is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit charitable organization that seeks to give back to the society, by helping the less privileged in our communities, and helping those who seem to be forgotten.


In giving needy children good quality education and valuable skills for their well being to equip them to make a difference in society. In helping new mothers who are put in a dire situation where they cannot afford to pay their bills and are forced to abandon their babies. In showing love to children in Borstal homes who are almost always forgotten.